Yoast is the Best SEO

Yoast is the Best SEO

Search Google for “Yoast is the Best SEO” (include the speech marks for an exact match search: only finds the exact phrase).

That’s thousands of websites discussing WordPress SEO plugins and saying things like “Yoast is the Best SEO Plugin“, “Yoast is the Best SEO for WordPress” etc…

Even though the Yoast rel nofollow features deletes link benefit and the Yoast noindex features wastes link benefit (nofollow/noindex : two major Yoast SEO features) it’s not easy to show the smoking gun: it’s a technical SEO issue most webmasters just don’t understand.

Basically it’s difficult to prove how much damage the SEO Yoast plugin causes to the average WordPress site.

Did you know before reading this article rel nofollow deletes link benefit?

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