Here’s an SEO tip to other SEO experts and SEO companies like “SEO Aylesbury By Leading SEM Agency” touting for business. Don’t comment SPAM other SEO websites, you might just comment SPAM someone (like me) who considers comment SPAM as an invitation to review their SEO business and business practices.

In the pending comment queue today I find a SPAM comment linked to an Aylesbury SEO business. Aylesbury is the county town of Buckinghamshire, England. In 2011, it had a population of 58,740.

Since Aylesbury is a small town in England, I guess they don’t have much need for SEO companies locally, so they have to comment SPAM the world!

SEO Aylesbury Company SPAM

SEO Aylesbury Company SPAM

SEO Aylesbury Company SPAM

Author: James Growing (couldn’t find anything online about this person)
Email: (couldn’t find this email used on websites)
IP Address: (that’s a UK IP)

Comment Title: Chosing an Seo consultant

Guys if you are thinking of hiring an SEO first look at how they get there business, if they do not have several Google top page listings for their own company. Why do you think they will be able to do this for yours?

Find out what search keyword you want to rank for, find out the search volume on a monthly basis for this keyword and then ask you seo consultant to demonstrate where they have ranked a term that gets this level of volume in the top three of Google. If they cant answer move on.

A good <a href=””>SEO Consultants</a> gets paid £75+ an hour the best charge thousands per month, If you pay £99 or $99 a month you expect to get less than an hours work and this will probably be delivered offshore by someone who does not not what they are doing. Do you really think you are going to get an SEO consultant to add £££ to your bottom line for £99 a month?

Firstly, if you are going to comment SPAM my WordPress SEO theme site at least use a spell checker and grammar check.

Chosing an Seo consultant = Choosing an SEO consultant
get there business = get their business
ask you seo consultant = ask your SEO consultant
If they cant answer = If they can’t answer
A good SEO Consultants gets paid £75+ an hour = Good SEO Consultants are paid £75+ an hour OR A good SEO Consultant gets paid £75+ an hour
someone who does not not what they are doing = someone who does not know what they are doing

Come on James Growing, do a little due diligence on your comment SPAM before you send it :-)

Aylesbury SEO Company Review

I was going to review the Aylesbury SEO Company website, but there’s not much point, it’s really poor SEO wise, just look at their Mobile Google PageSpeed Insights Results 50/100!

Local SEO Company Poor Google PageSpeed Insights Results

Local SEO Company Poor Google PageSpeed Insights Results

Those PageSpeed results are poor, you want to see what a real SEO expert can achieve:

100% on Google PageSpeed Insights

100% on Google PageSpeed Insights

That’s 100/100 for mobile and 100/100 for desktop for this website. For the record this site runs on a cheap Godaddy VPS server, not even a dedicated server, a virtual server which cost about $15 a month and hosts about 75 domains.

Effective Business Growth (the business name of the Aylesbury SEO Company) are using an off the shelf WordPress theme specifically for SEO companies from Nexus Themes: the SEO company website has a link back to the Nexus themes sales page. It’s called the “Seo Company WordPress Theme” and costs $75.

They should have kept their money, the WordPress SEO themes SEO is poor. A little tip for people looking for a WordPress theme, all because it’s advertised as an SEO theme does not mean it’s an SEO theme. Stallion Responsive is an SEO theme, the rest are a joke.

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