Astra Theme Lighthouse Results

Astra Theme Lighthouse Results

I’m impressed with the Astra Theme Google Lighthouse Results on a clean WordPress install with no plugins.

After testing the Astra Theme sales website I wasn’t expecting good results and certainly didn’t expect Astra to match Stallion Responsive.

Astra Theme Lighthouse Test:

You can see the lost Performance points is related to “Eliminate render-blocking resources“, this is an important issue, other than loading all CSS inline (NOT a good idea) this is difficult to solve at theme level: easy to solve with a plugin.

Astra Theme Eliminate render-blocking resources

With the Astra theme out the box there are 3 render-blocking issues, 2 of these are the themes CSS stylesheets.

…minified/style.min.css?ver=2.1.4( 14 KB 110 ms
…minified/menu-animation.min.css?ver=2.1.4( 1 KB 150 ms
…block-library/style.min.css?ver=5.3.2( 7 KB 150 ms

Total size: 22KB, time delay 410ms

So well done so far Astra Theme developers.

Ignore the “Reduce server response times (TTFB)” numbers, that’s my super cheap Godaddy VPS server: only cost me $200 a year and I have about 80 domains on it!

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