Title Attribute SEO Test of Text Links

Title Attribute SEO Test of Text Links

Google does NOT index the content of Title Attributes added to text links, there is NO SEO value in adding keywords to hoverover tooltips, use them for usability for disabled users.

Next we test if Google counts text within the title attribute added to text links.

<a href="https://seo-gold.com/" title="some text here that will show when hovered over">Anchor Text</a>

The code above shows how to add a title attribute to a text link, in 2020 Google does NOT give the content of the title attribute any SEO value, it’s ‘invisible’ to Google.

Google Hummingbird and Anchor Text

The link above goes to another webpage on this site and includes a title attribute with a made up unique keyword. Hoverover the link and you should see the made up keyword: it ends in seo.

When I searched for this keyword (bz.tg.rtz.seo: remove the 3 dots) in Google in January 2020, there were no results on the Internet. It’s been this way for this public SEO test for over 5 years, I have similar SEO tests with the same result.

Feel free to View Source of the link and search Google for it.

If any webpages from this website shows up Google has changed the way it treats the title attribute of text links or the SEO test has been broken.

If Google counted the title attribute towards search engine rankings you’d expect to see one or more of these conditions:

  • This page ranking in Google for the made up keyword.
  • The page the above link goes to ranking for the made up keyword.

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