Miserable Failure GoogleBomb

Miserable Failure GoogleBomb

The miserable failure Googlebomb of late 2003 aimed at the biography page of George W Bush (www.whitehouse.gov/president/gwbbio.html) clearly showed the SEO power of anchor text.

The US Presidents biography page which fell victim to the Miserable Failure Googlebomb (and a few other Googlebombs) did not include the words Miserable or Failure anywhere within the code, yet years (up to 2008) after the Google bombing it was still at number 1 for the Miserable Failure SERP at Google (see screenshot): in 2014 can’t find the ex Presidents page in the top 50.

Its consistent search engine placement at number one for this phrase could only be attributed to the anchor text of links to the page (lots of bloggers linking using the anchor text Miserable Failure).

Googlebombs took advantage of the combined effectiveness of anchor text from thousands of links.

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