Anchor Text Analysis

Anchor Text Analysis

Back in 2014 the Computer SERP would be (and still is) considered a highly competitive SERP, it’s a one keyword SERP I wouldn’t target unless it was for a website that has a LOT of aged backlinks: it is a super hard SERP.

In June 2014 there was “About 815,000,000 results” reported in Google for the Computer SERP. Checking page 2 out for the computer SERP at the time at around 15th was a site that is ranked relatively high due to the backlinks using the keyword Computer as anchor text.

Over the years I’ve checked this SERP I’ve seen Dell, Compaq, Gateway and in 2014 CA Technologies listed top twenty (first three companies top 10) for this super hard SERP without using the Computer(s) keyword within the content of the webpage ranked high: nothing on the webpage that would warrant the high rank, the keyword completely missing from the text, title tag, URL filenames for images, alt text….

The computer(s) SERP could only be explained by Google considering anchor text of backlinks as a major SEO ranking factor.

The reason these sites have ranked highly for those SERPs was due to the power of anchor text. With hundreds of thousands of pages linking to these home pages with many using the anchor text Computer/Computers it was enough to rank highly with no on page SEO optimization!!

Imagine where they could be with a little on site SEO!

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