Alt Text SEO Test

Alt Text SEO Test

The image above is used on the public alt attribute SEO test of linked images to prove alt text of linked images passes SEO ranking benefit similar to anchor text SEO ranking benefit.

The linked image (at the link above) is a quick SEO test to determine if Google is still counting the alt text as part of the SERPs, go to Google and search (include the “speech marks” for an exact search) for:


But replace “SEARCH” with “SEO”: I made the substitution so this page only uses the exact phrase including SEO once (as the alt text of the image above). View HTML source of and find the alt text for the relevant image.

There’s only one instance of that exact phrase on the website, so if the Google search for the phrase lists two pages from this site ( and it shows Google passes ranking value through the alt text of a linked image.

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