Comment on Anchor Text SEO Tutorial by David Law.

Anchor Text SEO The anchor text of a link has SEO value to the web page the link is on, so yes.

In my SEO experience the anchor text is considered more important SEO wise than standard body text, so if you can link to similar niche content with relevant anchor text it will help both the web page being linked to and the webpage linked from.

You can read my WordPress SEO anchor text article for more details.

The above link will help the pages it’s linking to for SERPs like “WordPress SEO anchor text” and it will help this webpage (one you are reading now) for SERPs like “WordPress SEO anchor text”.

Note how I didn’t limit the anchor text only to the targeted SERPs (not just “WordPress SEO anchor text”), I added some not so important text as well, this makes the link more natural which is very important to Google Hummingbird SEO

David Law