Comment on Google AdSense Earnings by Mark Bowles.


I have been using Adsense for over 3 years now, when I first started i was only earning a few cents a month and sometimes nothing at all, now AdSence easily pays for the yearly hosting, domain name renewal and some left over each year to re-invest in to the site.

This success was mainly due to using Yieldbuild which selects different colours, banners, backgrounds and borders and making sure that the pages which get the most traffic has the correct size banner for that page.

My web site traffic is only around 4500 visits a month. My next task is to get much more traffic than at present to my blog (10 visits a day to the blog is no good at all!) this will help to start earning some more money.

I have now purchased the Talian template so at least the blog is now fully SE optimised.

I hope this post helps other people get more from Adsense. My advice is to sign up with YieldBuild which does most of the work for you and be patient, it could easily take 6 – 12 months to start earning from Adsense and several years to start making a living? from your site…

Mark Bowles