Comment on Google AdSense Earnings by Clayton Kessler.


I would like to hear from other adsense folks who have been using adsense for a year or more. How is it going, what’s your adsense earnings?

Since using David’s theme my adsense click through rate has increased. The long term average is around 2 percent but now that my outdoor travel site is in season, the CTR is going up and the average pay for each click is close to doubling. Cool.

I am getting about 10 000 visits per month on my site now and my adsense is nearing the $100 per month rate. This has taken a long time though. I think David uses numerous of sites to create his substantial adsense income.

Is having numerous websites (unless your site is in the top 100 000 on Alexa) the only way to make over $1000 a month in adsense?

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