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The film Slumdog Millionaire has recently been shown in the UK on one of the free to air TV channels, CH4 who are having an Indian season.

Seen a few Indian documentaries now and though I knew it was hard going in India I didn’t realise quite how hard! The idea of earning just a dollar or two a day for working hard on a rubbish dump collecting recyclable waste is scary.

Knowing how little poor Indian people have to survive on I can see why my AdSense income would be considered a lot of money. In the UK/USA it’s a good AdSense figure, but it’s not on the REALLY high side (I used to make more for example).

Interestingly my money making websites get quite a lot of traffic from India. This site for example Indian traffic is quite high, if you look on Alexa apparently 16.1% of my Alexa traffic comes from India! It’s actually the top % with the US at 12.2% and UK 6.5% (more my original target audience).
I assume someone on a couple of dollars a day in India would not be able to afford the domain registration fees and web hosting money up front, so you’d be looking to start things for free.

If I had no money, but Internet access and a fair amount of time I’d create Blogspot blogs with AdSense on them and use basic SEO techniques (see my SEO tutorial) to generate traffic.

I wouldn’t use the free hosted version of WordPress at since you can’t add AdSense to your free blog there, so it has to be something like Blogspot ( which is completely free and where you can have access to the templates code and change it.

I’m now thinking about giving away a free Blogspot AdSense theme to help out and write an article or two describing in detail what I’d do.

Can Indian Internet Marketers get AdSense accounts easily enough?

What would be considered a bare minimum daily wage (in US dollars) in India?


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