AdSense Click Fraud

AdSense Click Fraud

AdSense Click Fraud: End result will be the loss of your AdSense Account!

Over the last decade or so I’ve occasionally taken a look at websites that have asked for fraudulent AdSense clicks in exchange for clicking others AdSense ads and have found there is a strong tendency for AdSense either to be no longer shown on the sites (suggesting the account was banned and the owner removed the ad code) or an error block shown where the AdSense ad should be: that happens when an AdSense publisher account is banned or a site is blocked from the AdSense program.

I haven’t performed detailed statistical analysis on sites listed on AdSense click exchange Facebook groups etc…, but I’d estimate over half of websites that are listed as looking to exchange AdSense clicks fraudulently are banned from the AdSense program within 6 months.

Some sites are still showing AdSense ads a year on, so Google AdSense might not be doing as much as they could to catch the AdSense click fraudsters, but for me a 50% chance my Google AdSense account could be banned within 6 months is way too much of a risk for a program that’s made me way over $300,000 since I joined the program in 2004.

AdSense earnings alone has paid the mortgage off our home (we live in the UK with extortionate property prices), paid for all the cars I’ve ever owned and will likely pay towards my retirement (won’t retire for another 20 years).

I’d be a fool to risk my AdSense account!!!

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