AdSense Click Exchange Networks

AdSense Click Exchange Networks

AdSense click exchange networks is where you find others looking to defraud the Google AdSense program, you click their AdSense ads and they click yours.

Do you trust total strangers to be intelligent when they click your ads?

Think about it, if they are fraudulently clicking your ads they are probably fraudulently clicking others AdSense ads as well, it’s not going to be difficult for Google AdSense to track AdSense publishers (like you) online AdSense click activity.

An AdSense publisher is on a static IP address or have a dynamic IP but regularly log in to their Google or AdSense account. They have logged into their Google or AdSense account with that IP which links any AdSense click activity to that person, to their AdSense account. They visit your website and click a few ads, go to another AdSense publishers website and click a few ads…

You are also on a static IP address or are on a dynamic IP, but regularly log into your Google or AdSense account which links you to your AdSense account. You click the AdSense ads of an AdSense publisher that’s clicked your ads, then go to another AdSense publishers website and click their AdSense ads.

Hmm, back at AdSense HQ a pattern has emerged, we have three or more AdSense publishers clicking each others AdSense ads, but they never buy a product or service.

Can you see just how easy it is to be caught clicking others AdSense ads?

Before participating in anything like an AdSense click exchange network consider how stupid the people are who get involved with AdSense click fraud. Most aren’t smart enough to NOT log into their Google and AdSense accounts with the IP address they’ll be using to click your ads. If they were that smart, they wouldn’t be trusting you (a stranger) to click their AdSense ads. Think about it.

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