AdSense Click Exchange Facebook Group

AdSense Click Exchange Facebook Group

One of the top results for the AdSense Click Exchange search in Google is a Facebook group with 33,000 members! Accurate as of December 2019.

It’s a private Facebook group, here’s the groups public description:

Welcome To The Group

Join This Group For Increase your Earning

Click On Ad Increase Your Earning
“Google Adsense Clicks Exchange” is a group for adsense account owners to exchange click with each other. This is the easy way to get clicks on the ads and to make money.
Join us only if you have your active google adsense account.


This Group contain LIST OF LINKS (Approved Members Websites). so every Member should visit each LINK and do the following things daily in order to favor each other;

1. Views 10 Pages
2. Stay there approx 3 minutes
3. Clicks on any 1 Ad (recommended FLASH ADs)

Bring more members in order to generate income sources and kindly do not cheat to anyone. hopefully we will work together and help each other.


I’m not a member of this AdSense Click Exchange Facebook Group, but I don’t need to be to know the sort of people who participate in these types of AdSense click fraud. They are idiots!

To achieve AdSense click fraud is easy, you could do it yourself, but to do click fraud AND get away with it takes intelligence and planning, you can’t leave any obvious footprints that you are defrauding AdSense: that’s HARD: it’s why I’ve never tried click fraud.

So you join an AdSense click exchange Facebook group with just 1,000 members.

You share a link to your valuable AdSense website and let’s say 20 members visit your website and follow the above rules. Views 10 Pages, Stay there approx 3 minutes, Click on any 1 Ad.

In return you visit 20 members websites and follow the rules precisely.

Let’s look at a few AdSense click fraud footprints you just left.

1. You visited 20 websites over the cause of one hour and clicked 20 AdSense Ads, but bought nothing.

Did you make sure you didn’t login to your AdSense account with the same IP address you used to perform click fraud? No, oops!

2. Some of the people who own the AdSense accounts you just click ads for, visited your site, clicked your ad and bought nothing.

Did the people who clicked your ads make sure they didn’t login to their AdSense account with the same IP address they used to perform click fraud on your website? No, oops!

OK, it’s a small footprint and probably difficult to spot if it only happened once, you made a few $s and got away with it.

You repeat the process over and over again, it’s not like a few $s is enough. You or those participating in the click fraud get lazy/complacent (it’s human nature) and skip the visiting 10 pages and waiting 3 minutes part and just visit 20 websites quickly and click the first 20 AdSense ads which load over a 10 minute period so they can say they’ve done their part, so idiots like you will click their ads.

You and they repeat the process over the course of weeks/months…

Can you see within a short period of time you are building an easy to track click fraud footprint, for starters the conversion rate of your AdSense account will be atrocious (no one is buying via the ads!) and before you’ve cashed your first AdSense cheque your AdSense account has been banned?

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