Comment on AdSense Click Exchange Network by Mark.

Very good article. Do you want to cheat Adsense? I do not. I think any one who tries to cheat Google is crazy. I am not just saying that. I do not know anyone who cheats in life that is rich. But I know a lot of wealthy ethical people. I believe in Karma to some extent. Cheaters never win in the long run.

I knew this one guy, that got booted from Adsense. He has some good websites. I asked him what happened. He said he was doing something bad. I was shocked. Why would you work that hard only to get the plugged pulled.

Adblocker via Firefox – Many people use adblocker on their own sites to prevent false clicks.

You might have your computer screen open to your own site and your child might get a hold of the mouse. Then game over.

Preventing spam clicks – I always monitor my sites for potential false clicks and have banned IP addresses that look funny from coming to my site. I also have tried to help prevent this. There is WordPress plugin for this.

Facebook -I have a theory that traffic coming from sources like Facebook are not as profitable as traffic coming from organic searches when it comes to Adsense. It seems if I have something that goes somewhat viral from a social media type site, the clicks are not as good. The more I try to be a direct traffic guy, and I on the social media and even RSS bandwagon, the more I go back to SEO. I am making real efforts to increase direct traffic but SEO and content that is interesting seems to do better.

In the end I think the only real way to profit from Adsense is exactly what Google tells you. Good content, and if you get this from organic searches that are relevant, over time you will do well. AdSense click exchanges, that’s crazy.

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