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SEO Gold is the trading name for David Cameron Law, I’ve been working as a self-employed SEO consultant since the early 2000s, mostly working with small businesses from around the world including travel sites, dating sites, manufacturers, various financial services sites, basically name a business type with a website and I’ve probably worked with one over the past 18 years.

I’ve enjoyed the freelance SEO work, but it’s been limited to mostly SEO advice which in 2020 severely limits what I can achieve SEO wise.

Local SEO for Plumbers and Electricians

Plumbers Near Me

Plumbers Near Me

In 2020 I’m changing direction, I’ll no longer be working with random businesses, but instead focusing (niching) on a very small set of local business sectors like Plumbing and Electricians.

By specialising SEO Gold will become one of the go to local SEO service providers for Plumbers and Electricians SEO.

The plan is offer a full SEO webdesign service for plumbers and electricians where I build and manage the website for local businesses who lack online skills.

A plumber for example could currently have no website and no ability to build one, I’ll do it all and concentrate on their local Google rankings. Or maybe local businesses like Hallgate Lincs: Electricians in Skegness and John Lacey and Sons Plumbing and Gas services in Skegness who have websites will want a much better SEO designed website built to replace the awful sites they have now.

Skegness SEO is SO Bracing

Skegness SEO is SO Bracing

I’m running SEO tests where I live (Skegness) and the local Google search phrases are really easy. Search Google for “Skegness Electricians Reviews”, one of my SEO tests Skegness Electricians: Local SEO Case Study (which isn’t even about electricians reviews) is top 3 for that Google search: if I’m hired by a local Skegness electrician I’ll be sure to promote their business on that and other ranking pages on this site to convert electricians relevant traffic I have no use for to possible local sales.

Hopefully I’ll have a new local SEO webdesign service ready to launch by May 1st 2020.

David Law