123-reg Managed Dedicated Server Review

123-reg Managed Dedicated Server Review

For a little bit more than I paid Hivelocity for an unmanaged server I could have a managed dedicated server as long as I did not request full root access.

Sent in a support request for information about what you can/can’t do on the server (without root access) and though there were restrictions since I use a dedicated server for hosting sites and changes in the past to get all my sites working have been minimal (edit php.ini, edit httpd.conf and I’m good to go) I should be fine.

So paid for the first month and the setup fee for their best managed dedicated server.

Unfortunately after over a week of trying to get the access I need (chroot access) I was stuck. By that point I contacted support multiple times and about a week later I’d not received a single straight answer so demanded a refund.

I’ll never use 123-reg again, their support is atrociously slow and they even insisted I delete a negative server review before they’d refund the payment for the server!

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