123-reg Customer Support Review

123-reg Customer Support Review

Biggest problem with 123-reg managed dedicated servers is their online support is so slow I’d not had an accurate response to a simple question for 5 days! Steer clear of 123 reg.

I was told I get chroot access, but documentation on their in house control panel (which is really bad, you get no bells and whistles at all, so basic CP!) is next to useless so had to go to support for instructions.

Five days ago I ask amongst other questions (at this time 05 Mar. 2008 03:42) how to get access to php.ini and similar configuration files. No answer so 27hrs later (06 Mar. 2008 06:30) post again (just a single question)-

“I can’t get my sites working correctly without mod_rewrite so need chroot access ASAP, how do I get it?”

The Apache module for mod_rewrite is turned off (or at least I hoped it was turned off and not completely left out), so needed it turning on (I know how to do this. very easy).

Still no response that day so 17hrs later (06 Mar. 2008 23:56) post demanding an answer or I’ll do a chargeback on my credit card. 10 hrs later (54 hrs after the first question) I get this response (on 07 Mar. 2008 09:18)-

You can request chroot access via the 123-reg control panel –> Login and go to manage servers –> Request Access

You can not access the php.ini file without chroot access at the very least, you could probably upload your own php.ini if needed.

Please confirm what you mean by the following:
You mentioned before chroot access. What settings do I use?

Little concerned over the last question, I was asking for the username/password etc… to gain access to the server.

First part sounds straight forward, however when you do this it does not go to an option to gain chroot access but root access for the server with a warning!

I eventually got a refund and moved on!

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