It’s a sad SEO fact that 98% of search engine visitors leave a website without buying or converting to a potential sales lead and a substantial percentage leave due to slow loading webpages: website speed matters!

For every 1 second delay an average website will lose 7% in conversions!

SEO Gold PageSpeed SEO

SEO Gold helps make your website super fast, so search engine visitors are less likely to leave before converting to a sale etc…

Consider a modest $1,000 a day turnover website will lose $70 a day ($25,550 a year) for every extra second it takes to load! A fast website loads in under 2 seconds, that’s the base target: getting below 2 seconds is difficult.

Count to 6, your slow business website lost over $100,000 in potential sales last year because it didn’t load in under 2 seconds!

SEO Gold Coast PageSpeed Score 100
SEO Gold PageSpeed Score 100

The image above shows a screenshot of the SEO Gold’s homepage Google Lighthouse pagespeed test. Click the Live Google Speed Test button below to see for yourself.

Page Speed is a Google SEO Ranking Factor

In 2020 Google SEO has moved towards technical SEO performance issues (page speed issues) in an attempt to force website owners to make their websites run faster for Google’s search users, page speed matters to SEO rankings.

Google organic search moved away from offering simple search results, Google offers a search experience.

SEO Gold can help make your business website load super fast so Google sends you more free search engine traffic, AND so you don’t annoy the 2% who might convert to a sale. Remember Google is a business and if they offer their users slow websites they might switch to a better search engine.

As a local business owner you need a super fast website to compete with your local SEO competition and that’s precisely what SEO Gold offers, fast performance SEO websites just like the SEO Gold website.

Use the Live Google Speed Test form below to check the speed of your website.

If your website’s homepage doesn’t load in under 10 seconds you definitely need my technical SEO help, if it loads in under 5 seconds you are on the right track speed wise, but still have room for pagespeed improvements. Every second we shave off webpage loading times could increase current conversion by 7%.

What would a 7% increase in sales mean to your business?

Also speed test other SEO agencies, digital marketing agencies, SEO consultants, SEO experts etc… you might be considering hiring and test their homepages loading times. If you can find an SEO services website better ranked than the SEO Gold Services website please let me know, I’ve been searching for months and not found one!

Fast Website SEO Design

Increase Website Loading Speed
A fast loading website means a better visitor experience equals more sales!

If you want a super fast website like the SEO Gold Coast website you need a technical SEO expert like me on your team. Visit the about page for contact details and let’s see if I can help you with your performance SEO needs.

David LawSEO Gold Owner